This website exists to promote helicopter safety around the world, primarily in the UK.

It contains a comprehensive UK helicopter accident database, and the results of a study carried out in early 2008 to support the figures being discussed at the safety evenings.

The site also contains links to freely available safety material and information on venues and dates of helicopter safety evenings organised by some volunteers around the UK.

We are supported by
  • British Helicopter Association [BHA]
    The BHA have been very supportive, they are extremely interested in helicopter safety and in what we are trying to do here. Several meetings have taken place with their CEO and he is 100% behind the cause. Gary joined the Small helicopter working group when it reformed in April 2008.
  • Civil Aviation Authority [CAA]
    The Flight Ops Inspectorate (General Aviation) of the CAA have supplied us with extracts from some of their safety presentations, and have suggested some subjects which may be worth us researching.
  • General Aviation Safety Council [GASCo]
    GASCos CEO has supplied us with his research into small helicopter accidents, and this has formed a basis upon which we have based our 10 years worth of accident data analysis.
  • National Air Traffic Services [NATS]
    NATS have offered to deliver a presentation on the Heli Lanes and airspace infringements and how they are trying to educate pilots in order to reduce the number that occur each year.
  • The Met Office
  • The Met Office have supplied us with some historical data for days when visibilty related helicopter accidents have occured, they have also supplied us with hundreds of Get Met 2009 booklets and one of their forecasters has offered in his own time to come along take part in the safety evenings.

We are also talking to some other prominent aviation agencies, and if they agree to work with us details will be posted here shortly.

We are currently working on all kinds of updates to the site, details of which can be found on the future updates page.

Future safety evening dates are published here approximately two weeks before the event.

The Last Safety evening took place at
Redhill Aerodrome
on 26th October 2009, More Details can be found here.

Most Recent UK Reports Released +/-
R2216 Apr 2009
Robinson R22 Beta, G-ODJB
B206L24 May 1993
Gazelle01 Nov 2008Fatal
Gazelle crashed near Winchcombe, Gloucestershire
R2214 Feb 2009Fatal
Crashed during solo training sortie, Sandtoft UK. Only Left magneto switched on, Left magneto failed in flight, RRPM decayed and main rotor struck tailboom.
R4428 May 2009
Rolled over on landing. Bystander injured.
H26922 Sep 2009Fatal
Instructor and student killed after mayday issued near.Blackpool UK.
H26922 Sep 2009Fatal
Instructor and student killed after mayday issued near.Blackpool UK.
R2217 Oct 2008
Crashed on pilots first solo flight, Student pilot sustained broken wrist, Helicopter Written Off.
AS35023 Sep 2006
Eurocopter AS 350, G-JESI, Dunkerrin Co. Offaly, 23 Sep 2006:
AS33201 Apr 2009Fatal
Bond Offshore Helicopters, Super Puma AS332L2 crashed off Peterhead, Aberdeen.
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