Some people call it Cockpit Resource Management, some call it Crew Resource Management, a lot of people ridicule the idea in a single pilot environment, think about it as Single or Multi Pilot Safety Education and its probably more accurate to describe it like this in the helicopter world.

Commercial Operators are obliged to ensure their pilots are trained in CRM, but the concept can just as equally be applied to private pilots.

CRM Publications+/-
Caledonian Advanced Pilot Training [CAPT] CAPTOnline run CRM courses and their Head Of Training Phil Croucher has offered to let PPLs on their CRM courses for half price, which is an opportunity to be educated by an experienced and qualified CRM instructor, the only proviso is that no CRM certificates will be issued to attendees who take advantage of this offer.

CAPT will be running a CRM course at their offices at Wycombe Air Park on the first Tuesday of every month, booking is essential.