This site exists because two pilots, both with an instructing background thought it was time to try and do something to address the unacceptable level of General Aviation helicopter accidents in the UK.

Our goal is to prevent them all, however we are not naive enough to believe that this will ever occur.

The idea was to organise some helicopter safety evenings around the UK which one of the guys started to do in 2005, then work took over and the idea was shelved. As a result of a crash in early 2008 the cause of which has not yet been determined (as of Oct 2008) on of the guys suggested on PPrune that it might be a good idea to organise some helicopter safety evenings at venues around the UK. We have decided to pool our resources to assemble as much helicopter safety information as possible and put it on the web. We are also putting together helicopter safety promotion evenings around the UK.

We have secured support (not financial) from organisations such as the BHAB, CAA and GASCo and some experienced pilots and examiners around the UK. Several people have pledged to dedicate their time and we have been promised some free accomodation for the evenings at airfields around the country.

The Team.

Gary Spender

Gary is a freelance pilot, mainly flying Agusta 109s for a company based in Cornwall. He is a flying instructor and examiner and spends as much of his time as work allows in the training environment.

A software developer by previous trade he is responsible for the design of the website and the studies upon which the more formal safety evenings are being based. He has for the last 7 years run the Griffin Helicopters Website, and had the original idea of setting up helicopter safety evenings along with David Cockburn from the CAA back in 2005.

His commercial website can be found at

Michael Georgiou

Michael is a line pilot for CHC Humberside flying the S76. A former flying instructor he is responsible for thread about informal safety evenings as posted on PPrune.

Ian Hentley

Ian is a corporate pilot flying a 206 out of Redhill, he can occasionally be found doing commercial work in 206s in the South East of England. Ian is usually the set up man for the safety evenings and generally makes sure everyone can get in, has a chair and that all the equipment works. If anything goes wrong we blame him.

Dennis Kenyon

Dennis Kenyon probably needs no introduction he is a former world freestyle helicopter aerobatic champion, and current flying instructor. Dennis has a particular interest in helicopter accidents having lost his son Dennis Jr in helicopter accident in March 2000. Dennis' passion for the prevention of further accidents can be infectious at times.

Phil Croucher

Phil is an experienced helicopter pilot and well known author, he is the author of the first ATPL(H) course to be approved by UK CAA under JAR FCL. Phil is a CRM instructor and runs CRM courses around the country.
Phil's company Caledonian Advanced Pilot Training is based at Wycombe Air Park and Phil runs his own helicopter safety evenings there from time to time.