The first safety evening was held in Newcastle on 6th March 2008. The premises were kindly donated by Northumbria Flying School whose owner also owns Northumbria Helicopters.

We had a good mix of attendees with at least three FIs, a couple of FEs, at least one military SAR pilot and mix of civil students and PPL holders. We were surprised (and impressed) to find at least one private owner in the audience. At least 5 PPrune regulars where present with the rest of the 28 strong turnout essentially coming from the two fairly local flying schools.

PowerPoint Sample The evening itself kicked off slightly later than planned at 1915 due to the fact that we had almost twice as many attendees as expected. We ended up splitting into two groups and the evening consisted of some informal discussion and the first airing of Garys helicopter safety presentation. The attendance was so high thanks to the fantastic support from two local helicopter schools, the CFIs of both Northumbria Helicopters and Heli One at Durham Tees Valley had clearly been promoting the evening.

Several members of the audience have asked for further evenings later in the year, and I think we will end up putting some subject material together in detail and letting the schools deal with these themselves.

One of the group members is a former teacher and professional PowerPoint presenter, and he gave us a few tips on how to do use the tool more effectively.

We had a short debrief the next morning over breakfast, and we have learnt a lot about how to do the evenings, this is were a slightly (not much Mike) more formal approach was agreed on. We will be going for larger venues and asking people to let us know by email if they are coming to the future evenings, but we will still take walk ins on the night.

I believe that we have at least now got a lot of GA pilots talking more about the common killers, and common GA helicopter accident causes.

The next organised evening will be at Redhill on 14th April 2008, with an informal night being held by Phil Croucher at Wycombe on 11th March.

If you attended the evening and would like to send us some feedback please do so here.