The third Redhill safety evening was held in the Terminal Building at Redhill Aerodrome on Monday 26th October 2009. The premises and food were once again kindly donated by Redhill Aerodrome.

Companies we know had people attending were
EBG Helicopters  Thurston Helicopters 
Redhill Aerodrome  AV8 Helicopters 
Elite Helicopters  London Helicopter Centres 
The evening started at 1915 with 60+ people attending, a short questionnaire was handed out to help us breakdown the makeup of the group with regards to licences, ratings and authorisations held.

R22 OGE Slide During the evening we looked at subjects including
  • The H/V Diagram and how it is derived from the Test Pilot point of view.
  • A video showing what can happen if you go IIMC (in a fixed wing).
  • Recent Fatal Accidents.
  • Engine Power Loss in light piston helicopters.
  • What Manifold Pressure really indicates.
  • R22 Weight and Balance Myths.
The evening finished at 2205 and the usual suspects then decamped to the Station Inn nearby and discussion carried on there for an hour or so.
A huge thanks have to go to some people, they are
  • Phil Wright the SATCO at Redhill who provided the premises and food for free.
  • Capt. Geoff Connolly who wrote and delivered at short notice his presentation on the H/V Diagram.
  • Ian Hentley who was the guinea pig for some of the technical issues raised during the evening and the questionnaire marker on the night.
  • Rob Garstang who did the running around in the afternoon, setup the room as it was layed out and remembered to feed Gary who had managed to miss food out of his plan for the day.
  • Giles Dumper who came over after finishing a days flying and helped setup.
  • Meinard van Toulon at London Helicopter Centres and Ken Faria at EBG who emailed a flyer for the eveing out to most of their respective customers.
Capt. Dennis Kenyon wins the longest distance travelled award, he drove over from Hereford in the afternoon and returned the same evening, after the event finished.

If you attended the evening please let us have any feedback be it positive or negative.