The Redhill safety evening will take place on 26 October 2009 at the Terminal Building beneath the tower at Redhill Aerodrome.

We aim to start at 1845 so are asking attendees to be on site from around 1830 onwards.

The evening is free to attend.

To read about the previous evening at Redhill follow this link.

The Venue's address is
Terminal Building
Redhill Aerodrome,
The format will be different to last time as this evening is part of the second round of presentations.

Based upon previous experience the evening will go something like

18:15 A brief introduction and a run through of previous evenings contents, for the guys who have never been before.
19:00 Majority of Attendees start arriving
19:15 Introduction
19:20 Presentation on the London Heli Lanes by current NATS controller.
20:20Short break with light buffet
20:35Whats going on behind the scenes in the UK, Europe and the USA.
21:30Question time
21:45Tidy up
22:00Arrive at a local hostelry for further discussion.
We have a limited number of the London Heli Routes DVD to give away once again, these a probably the last ones remaining for distribution.

This DVD has been produced by NATS in an effort to educate helicopter pilots about the London Heli Routes and to prevent airspace infringements.

Presented by a Heathrow SVFR controller and an experienced Heli Routes pilot, it really is an excellent guide to flying around the Heathrow Zone and includes footage of the routes which cause the most problems to pilots who have never seen them before. The DVD is menu driven and allows the viewer to choose a route and ride along on a trip down the route in either direction.

We have a fair few Get Met 2009 booklets to give away.

The booklet produced by the Met Office with the sponsorship of the CAA is a must for all pilots.

It's a one stop shop of Met information for flying around Northern Europe.

It includes contact details for other Met Authorities as well as the UK Met Office, CAA Departments and other useful UK phone numbers. Also included is guidance on interpretation on the Met Forms, ATIS Phone numbers, European VOLMET frequencies and MetForm 216 which most pilots don't seem to even know exists (subtle hint have a read of it !)

The British Helicopter Association are our biggest supporters both moral and financial on occasion, we have BHA handbooks to give away on the evening.

The handbook serves as a guide to the UK helicopter industry, listing most of the companies and some of the individuals involved in the industry as a whole.

It includes contact details for most of the AOC operators in the UK, A list of landing sites operated by BHA members and a huge number of entries from companies related to helicopter ops in the UK.

As always these evenings are only a success if they are given the support of local flying schools / helicopter operators and we would ask the locals to spread the word to as many of their members as possible.

A flyer for the evening can be downloaded by clicking on the image to the left, feel free to download one and put it up on your notice board, the earlier the better.

We would like to thank Redhill Aerodrome for their contribution towards the evening.

They not only have provided us with a venue for free, they have also kindly put on some food for us during the half time break.

If you plan on attending please let us know.The last few evenings have been so well attended that we need to plan early for any changes of venue due to high demand.

If you are registering on behalf of someone else please include their email address, in order for them to receive a confirmation and any last minute changes.

Don't expect an instant response to your registration, we only tend to send out confirmation emails at the beginning of the week of the event.

Travel and Accomodation
A collection of travel and accomodation suggestions can be found here
Joining Instructions Joining Instructions for those of you who have registered after 24th November can be found here.