Future Development

We have a whole host of ideas related to the website and the safety evenings, they all take time to do and we are working as fast as time allows. We've asked a couple of people to take on specific tasks, which they have accepted.

The Accident Study
Incorporation of Irish accidents to the study
This is the next major update to the accident study, there are 28 accidents in the study period and Gary is tagging them up when he has the time.
Addition of hours flown by type
We have been provided by the CAA via GASco, the aircraft hours flown by type over the last 20 years, this will enable us to produce accident rates per 100,000 hours often seen quoted in the aviation press and in other accident studies.
Case Studies
We are working on an accident case study, of an accident in the training environment which caused injury to the solo student, and was wholly preventable.
The Accident Database
Write ups for all the common accident factors.
It looks like Mike is taking this on and will be updating the accident synopses shortly.
The incorporation and translation of the last 10 years worth of French Accidents
Ian Hentley has volunteered to take this on, more soon
The Website
A registration sytem for the website
This all falls to Gary unfortunately and he's been quite busy lately.
A complete revamp of the look and feel of the website
This has been undertaken by Rob Garstang and implemented by Gary, it is also a work in progress. Rob comes up with the ideas, but it takes a while to make them all work so while it looks OK its not his fault it doesn't look great yet.
A fly with a friend calendar
There are 2 seperate aspects to this, one is the buddying up of inexperienced pilots, the other is the exposure of experience pilots to lesser experienced guys to offer advice, but not instruction to them for free.
Gary 19 April 2008