UK Accident Study

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In the period 09 Jan 1997 to 24 May 2010 there were 405 accidents to UK Registered rotary wing aircraft. At least 16 of these accidents are still under investigation.
Included in this group where a number of gyrocopters, which where subsequently excluded from the study. Included are Search and Rescue aircraft and any involved in offshore support, however it was felt that these are exposed to a different set of risks due to the environment they operate in, as such they will be excluded from the statistics generated later on.

This involved 386 helicopters.

Robinson Helicopter Corporation were the manufacturer with the highest number of accidents occuring to their helicopters, being involved in 148.

The R22 was the helicopter type involved in most helicopter accidents during the period, being involved in 101.

The R22 was the helicopter type involved in the highest number of fatal helicopter accidents, being involved in 8.

1998 was the year with the highest number of helicopter accidents there being 40 accidents occuring that year.
2010 was the year with the least number of helicopter accidents there being 4 accidents occuring that year.

Fatal Accidents
Fatal Accidents were studied in more detail than non fatal accidents. Additional data was collated related to aircraft commanders experience and fatalities caused.

There were 40 fatal accidents that resulted in 108 fatalities.

The least experienced commander of an aircraft involved in a fatal accident had a total of 66 hours, the most experienced commander had a total of 15314 hours.