The first Winchester safety evening was held in the Avington Trout Fishery on 10th March 2010. The premises and food were kindly donated by Vanguard Helicopter of Henstridge.
Companies we know had people attending were
Vanguard Helicopters  Air Harrods 
Elite Helicopters  Fast Helicopters 
The evening started at 1915 with 40+ people attending, a short questionnaire was handed out to help us breakdown the makeup of the group with regards to licences, ratings and authorisations held.

R22 OGE Slide During the evening we looked at subjects including
  • Recent Fatal Accidents. Including the accidens to G-OSSI and G-CBXT.
  • Engine Power Loss in light piston helicopters.
  • What Manifold Pressure really indicates.
  • R22 Weight and Balance Myths.
The evening finished at 2245 and The fishery kept the bar open for us until quite a bit later.
A huge thanks have to go to some people, they are
  • Bob West form Vanguard Helicopters who also owns the fishery who provided the food and premises for free.
  • Glenn Stracey a local coastguard helicopter pilot and part owner of Vanguard helicopters who managed to get everyone together to organise the event.
  • Ian Hentley who as always was the guinea pig for some of the technical issues raised during the evening and the questionnaire marker on the night.

If you attended the evening please let us have any feedback be it positive or negative.